Public Auction

Sunday October 29th, 1 PM

1016 So Webster St. HBG

Location: Go South on Webster Street from
Poplar St and  St. signs posted.


 Real Estate

This nice older home has a large living dining room combined, kitchen, bath, family room and two bedrooms. There is a partial basement, and attached garage.  Normal updating needed inside. Come take a look. Terms:  $2000.00 down on sale day with the balance due at closing within 45 days.  Normal Pro rations to apply.  Visit our web site for full listing and photos.

 Personal Property: RCA large TV * sofa * love seat *round pedestal table w/4 chairs * drop leaf table 3 leg w/6 chairs * 2 door glass china cabinet * glass curio cabinet * buffet * Refrigerator & elc range * washer & dryer * elc. Lift chair * recliners * drum top table * oak pcs. * Queen Ann chair * 2 brass & marble floor lamps * Kimball Valencia organ * 4 pc. Bed set * 4 pc King bed set * GWTW globe lamp * rocking love seat * other furniture pcs. *collectibles:  Bontempi child’s squeeze box * guitar * Gene Autery, Roy Rogers & other cards * toy horses * Charlotte Becker 1940 Producers posters * Squirt 1951 adv. Pc. * lots of Pepsi and Coke items including trucker’s hat, clocks, trays, small bottles, carrier, thermometer, coasters, 6-rulers * all kinds of old soda bottles including Wolf, RC, B1,New Burnside, Saline Co. Eldorado, Vess & more * lots of Dairy Brand bottles, Cactus Pete cup * New Era, Christopher, Eld milk bottles * Phillips 66 glass sq. bank * Pankey bakery ruler * church plates * old train * 5 n 1 pin ball game *John Deere & IH books * other old books * tons of campaign buttons and adv. Items, lots of Maynard Cannon pcs. * Old Christmas items * old toys * Overdrive & Hot rod magazines 1960’s * Seth Thomas school clock * marbles.  (Confederate $1000 bill, $50.00, & $5.00) other misc. coins * #4 butter churn * iron skillets * pens & pencils * Glassware:  lots of Pink Depression * red glass * china * milk glass * Hob Nail pcs. * Roseville * Shirley Temple pitcher * Carnival glass * mixing bowls * lot of Jewel T * Fayette glass * Aladdin Drape lamp * large punch bowl * church plates * and tons more.  Auctioneers note:  this is a brief list of what’s in the house.  Mark your calendar to attend this auction.  We may run two rings part of the day if needed. Terms:  cash or good check, debit & credit cards accepted.   Visit our web site for lots of photos.

Maynard Cannon Estate, John Cannon Seller



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